The Daniel Moser group is spearheaded by Roman Schaerf, who is not only the successful owner and operator of the Daniel Moser Café - Vienna's oldest coffee house since 1685 ( but also leader in providing a unique one-stop shop for coffee gourmets starting from the crop to the last drop.

His love and enthusiasm is the driving force behind the quality and success of the Daniel Moser brands varying from espresso machines to coffee houses to hand-roasted coffee. Whether visiting his 100% Arabica coffee plantation in Costa Rica or controlling the coffee roasting process in one of his roasting facilities, his relentless strive for the perfect cup of coffee guarantees the highest quality drinking experience for coffee lovers.

In his 40 year-something leadership role in the international coffee industry, he has always chosen the more difficult path rather than the easiest one providing customers worldwide with the best product rather than the most profitable one. This set of values coupled with his desire to settle for nothing less, will continue to produce new great coffee products for many years to come.
Gastro Consulting GmbH, Liechtensteinstrasse 130, 1090 Vienna, Austria