The Story
Daniel Moser coffee tradition and history goes back to 1685 when the first documented coffee house in Vienna opened its doors on Rotenturmstrasse 14, today's Daniel Moser Café.

As the story goes, the Armenian Spy Johann Diodato received the privilege from Emperor Leopold I to serve the then unfamiliar Turkish drink of "Chava" (coffee) on January 17th, 1685 in exchange for spy services rendered.

Vienna's original coffee house soon became very popular with traders from the customs house (Mauthaus), which was located just across the street. They drank the new drink to rejuvenate from a busy business day, and soon after the world famous Vienna coffee house culture was started.

In addition to lending its name to its sister company’s brands, the Daniel Moser Café, still today stands for highest quality of coffee and service; continuously being one of the most popular meeting spots in the old Vienna city centre.
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